CFECND S.c.r.l.
Training and Examination Center for Non-Destructive Controls

A Limited Liability Consortium Company, which collects the legacy of the namesake ITANDTB Training and Examination Center (ITA-012 / CAE accreditation), proposing, at the same time, as its evolution.

The Company is focused on the implementation of the qualification schemes of the Non-Destructive Testing personnel for EN4179 and NAS410 and aims to put in synergy various main players in the field, with the intent of reformulating the training offer and the administration of the exams, conforming to the highest international standards in the industry.

The company, in fact, is born from the joint effort of DARES S.r.l.s. and AERONDI S.r.l., but makes use of the support of other excellences, both industrial and academic, and remains constantly open to further relationships of knowledge and professionalism.

The Company’s Board of directors is made up as follows:

  • dr. Luigi MERLETTI, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Technical Manager.
  • Mr. Franco BARATTA, Vice-president
  • dr. Giovanni CAVACCINI, Vice-president

The main paradigm of the CFECND is the belief that training, meant both as the achievement of knowledge in the classroom, and the acquisition of experience (training-on-the-job), represents the main tool of companies and individuals to achieve professional and personal goals.

The network structure permits to apply, throughout the national territory, skills, classrooms, laboratories and tools able to cover:

  • all common CND Methods (Ultrasound, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particles, Film and Digital Radiography, Eddy Currents, Thermography, Shearography),
  • various Inspection methods which, even if not codified among the common ones, are widely used (Nital etch, Barkhausen, Speckle, Instrumental and non-instrumental Visual inspection, etc.),
  • multidisciplinary topics of interest to CNDs and not only (design, technical standards, composite and metallic materials, manufacturing technologies, human factors, NADCAP, auditing, metrology and measurement uncertainties, inspection and detectability analyzes, etc.),
  • more general topics related to Special Processes, including Thermal Treatments.

The type of personnel to whom the CFECND is addressed includes not only candidates for Certification (Levels 1, 2 and 3) or Qualification (Apprentices, CND Auditors, Instructors), but also all the staff in the Companies which impact or are impacted by the CNDs and by Special Processes (Design, Quality, Purchasing, etc.).

Some numbers that characterize us:

  • More than ten levels 3
  • Five educational structures/classrooms, from South to North, equipped with the most modern teaching aids
  • Updated manuals about all topics
  • Portable instruments and facilities for exercises on all Methods
  • More than one hundred exam and training samples and two aircrafts for in-service exercises
  • General and specific questionnaires (for all international primes) with hundreds of bilingual questions per Method, digitally managed in a database, with robust control and validation processes.